The Next Step

Swapping Sydney for London

For the past year I’ve been working at CampaignMonitor. I mentioned them in my review of 2010. It’s been an enlightening experience and I’m massively grateful to Ben, Dave, Trish and the rest of the team for making me feel like part of the family.

But all good things must come to an end and so I’m leaving for pastures new. My next step will take me back from whence I came; to London, England. What could lure me back to that dank isle and away from the warm, sunny shores of Sydney? Something pretty special…

In October 2009, at the Agile conference in Chicago IL, Andy Palmer, Antony Marcano and I spent a whirlwind four days dreaming up the kind of company that we wanted to work for. In a tiny, cramped coffee shop named after some dead philosopher, that offered decent espresso and free wifi (the conference wifi was truly appalling, as is traditional at tech conferences), we talked, wrote, researched and deliberated over our shared values and beliefs. We retold war stories of hard fought and won experiences out in the real world, with real customers, working with real people and shipping real software. It was an eye-opening experience and shortly after we returned to our respective corners of the globe, RiverGlide was born.

In the two years, plus change, since that inception, Andy and Antony have been willing RiverGlide into life; working with clients who share our beliefs and values, presenting their experiences at conferences, teaching people how to be better at making software and shipping the occasional “product”: along the way. I’ve largely been a spectator up to this point; isolated by sixteen-thousand kilometers of geography, ~11 hours of timezone difference and my own work. We speak regularly via Skype and rekindle a bit of that Chi-town magic but it’s not quite the ‘real deal’.

That’s all about to change. After a two week holiday in the US (San Francisco and New York) with friends, I’m moving to London to jump into RiverGlide with both feet. This feels like the right decision; based on about 30% brain, 30% heart and 40% exhilarating-fear-of-the-unknown.

Whatever happens, I’m keeping the following firmly in my mind:

There will be no regrets. This is an opportunity to build something with people I love, trust and respect. How many people get to do that in their careers?

One of the useful things I took from The Four Hour Work Week was that even if everything goes completely wrong, you can recover. This perspective is helping me keep that ‘fear-of-the-unknown’, or ‘The Lizard Brain’, as Merlin Mann calls it, in check.

Another paraphrased Merlin-ism that I love, is that happy people tend to focus on three things; ‘good decisions’, ‘good relationships’ and ‘good work’. I’m convinced that this move represents all three.

And I can’t wait.

This means that there’s now a job opening at Campaign Monitor. If you’re an incredibly talented software tester, programmer and all round excellent human being who is able to work in Sydney, Australia, and are looking for a new challenge with some of the greatest people I’ve ever worked with, then you should think about applying for my job at Campaign Monitor. You won’t regret it, I promise.